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Europe 2040: A Fractured Superstate

Corruption. Demagoguery. Nepotism. Falling into a state of decay unprecedented in history, corporations held the European Union hostage while its leaders consume themselves in corruption. After attacks from ‘little green men', the state's failures had brought the people to elect a new Chancellor. A certain Wilhelm von Bismarck soon ascended as Supreme Chancellor of the European Union, a populist strongman and charismatic idealist, sending shockwaves throughout the world, as the people rejoiced as safety and security would be brought. With expansions of the police and armed forces with a decline in individual liberties, the people accepted that it was a necessary evil in return for a safe and secure society.

Yet, his vision warred against the democratic principles of the Union. In his belief that an European identity shall reverse the decline of Europe through assimilation, state empowerment and removal of liberties, the Chancellor had bent the fundamental pillars of the Union to his own fanatical wills and fancies, effectively assimilating all into one single superstate. Despotism? Pragmatism? Such political dogma proves to be infallible for von Bismarck, with his cutthroat politicking and polarising legislation showing that for every citizen you identify championing the Chancellor’s visions, another you shall find plotting his downfall.​

By the mid-2037, with reconciliation talks failing, states in the east of the Union proclaimed their secession, forming the Confederacy of Independent States (CIS). The remainder of the European Union, loyal to the Supreme Chancellor, cried treason, ready to fight for the Chancellor. On the 3rd of October, 2037, the first bullets between the Union and the Separatists were fired.


It is now 2040. The war has been raging on for the past three years. Millions have perished, even more displaced, with trillions of funds that could have been spent on the people. What more do the people want? On the third anniversary of the war, both belligerents agreed to engage in negotiations to end the war at the Place of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.


What will be the outcome of such negotiations? That is up for you to decide and uncover all mysteries which may be at play...

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